Principaux différenciateurs

  • Outer diameter as small as .007"
  • Hybrid design with a stainless steel proximal part to support navigation and a distal nitinol portion for shape retention
  • Radiopaque coil tip available in multiple lengths and tip shapes for vascular access

Mentions légales

HYBRID, hydrophilic guidewires intended to facilitate the insertion of catheters into intracranial vascular branches for diagnostic or therapeutic use. Class III CE0297 in compliance with Medical Device Directive (MDD 93/42/EEC amended by 2007/47/EC). Manufactured by BALT EXTRUSION SAS. Carefully read the instructions for use before use. First CE marking: 2010.

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Indication for Use

The HYBRID Guidewire is intended for general intravascular use, including the neuro and peripheral vasculature. The guidewire can be steered to facilitate the selective placement of diagnostic or therapeutic catheters. This device is not intended for use in the coronary arteries. 

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